Evaluation Plan of 2016-2021
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The UNDP 2016 - 2020 Country Programme Document (CPD) was approved in the second annual session of the Executive Board Session on 2 September 2015. The Country Programme's primary objective is to foster diversified, resilient and sustainable development pathway in Algeria. The CDP is structured around two interdependent pillars and 5 outputs, notably : i) Support of non-hydrocarbon and environmentally sustainable sectorial strategies that generate income and create jobs for women and youth. (ii) building the capacities of central and local authorities for sustainable development planning and improved public services by focusing on pilot wilayas (governorates) and model municipalities. Two crosscutting strategic interventions will be fostered: i) strengthen evidence based analysis and national evaluation of public institutions and ii) capacity development of elected women to ensure greater participation in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies and plans. The country programme will focus on strengthening national capacities for evaluation of development policies. Outcome and project evaluations will be carried out in close collaboration with institutional partners. UNDP will provide training in evaluation methods to national counterparts and will ensure quality assurance for these evaluations.
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Evaluations Commissioned by Algeria

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. CPD 2016-2020 Final Evaluation Country Programme Evaluation Aug 2021 Aug 2021 UNDP, MoFA, National partners (Ministries) $40,000 Completed
2. MidTerm evaluation ABS project Project
  • Joint with Donors
  • Joint with GEF
May 2019 Jul 2019 UNDP,/ Ministry of Agriculture/, General Directorate of Forestery $30,000 Completed View
3. Mid Term evaluation of « réinsertion sociale des détenus » project Project Nov 2018 Nov 2018 UNDP, Ministry of Justice $20,000 Completed View
4. Final evaluation of the Fisherie project Project Apr 2018 Jul 2018 UNDP, Minsitry of Agriculture-Rural development and Fisheries $10,000 Completed View
5. Evaluation à mi-parcours du projet Parcs Culturels Project Mar 2018 Feb 2018 Ministry of Culture $30,000 Completed View
6. Final evaluation of the wetland preservation in Guerbes project Project Oct 2017 Dec 2017 UNDP, Ministry of Agriculture-Rural Development and Fisheries $30,000 Completed View
7. Final evaluation of Youth employment and empowerment in Adrar and Medea Project
  • Joint with UN Agencies
  • Joint with ILO
Jun 2017 Sep 2017 UNDP, Government $8,000 Completed View
8. Final evaluation CAPDEL Project Mar 2022 Ministry of Interior and Local Collectivities; EU $30,000 Planned
9. Mid- term evaluation of model municipalities (Capdel) Project Oct 2021 Ministry of the Interior and Local Governments; EU $30,000 Planned
10. Final evaluation of the women at political participation project Project Nov 2021 UNDP, UN Women In close collaboration with the People at National and Local Assemblies $30,000 Planned
11. Final evaluation ABS project Project Dec 2021 UNDP, Ministry of Agriculture, General Directorate of Forestery $30,000 Planned
12. Final evaluation cultural parks project Project Jan 2022 UNDP, Ministry of Culture $30,000 Planned
13. Evaluation Finale Appui à la réinsertion sociale des détenus Project Dec 2021 Ministry of justice, UNDP $15,000 Planned

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Planned End Date Status Completed Date Mgmt. Response
1. Independent Country Programme Evaluation: Algeria ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office Dec 2019 Planned --

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