Evaluation Plan of 2022-2026
Plan Detail (2022-2026)
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While all evaluations are expected to support accountability, capture experiences and knowledge to strengthen work within the country, the region and the wider organization, some are demanded by the donor community. It is mandatory for GEF medium scale and large scale project evaluations to be implemented at both mid-term and terminal phases. Furthermore, other programme and projects under implementation represent a significant financial investment over time. For example, the country programme which will be implemented over a period of five years attracts a responsibility by both UNDP, national partners and other contributing stakeholders to track progress, its relevance and whether or not planned results being are being achieved. The evaluation plan also complements the Government of Botswana’s appetite to evaluate itself and make evidence based decision making through the National Monitoring and Evaluation System.
Plan Document:
ANNEX B Fully Costed Evaluation Plan_13042021_FINAL.docx

Evaluations Commissioned by Botswana

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Terminal Evaluation – Okavango SAP Implementation Project Apr 2022 Aug 2022 Governments of Botswana, Namibia, Angola; OKACOM, World Bank, KAZA, USAID/SAREP $30,000 Completed
2. Terminal Evaluation – Kgalagadi Ghanzi Drylands Ecosystems Project Project Aug 2024 Ministry of Environment, Natural Recourse Conservation and Tourism, Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security, Birdlife Botswana, UNDP $30,000 Planned
3. Evaluation of UNDP support to the private and informal business sector Outcome May 2024 Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry; Business Botswana, Botswana Chamber of Mines, UN Agencies $40,000 Planned
4. Evaluation of UNDP support to participation and accountability in the civic and political space Thematic Jul 2025 Ministry of Presidential Affairs Governance and Public Administration, Ministry of Defense Justice and Security, Office of the Ombudsman, Directorate of Corruption and Economic Crime, $40,000 Planned
5. CPD Mid-term evaluation Country Programme Evaluation Apr 2024 Government of Botswana (Partner Ministries and Departments), UN agencies, Private sector, civil society organization $40,000 Planned
6. Evaluation of UNDP support to Youth and Women’s active participation in decision making Thematic Jul 2023 Ministry of Youth Sports and Culture Development, Department of Gender Affairs $45,000 Planned

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