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UNDP Romania carries out its intervention based on the 2005-2009 Country Programme Document discussed with and agreed by the Government of Romania. The document covers two distinct periods: two years prior to Romania's EU accession (1 January 2007) and three years in the EU membership environment. Therefore, given the EU accession and the change in Government at the end of 2004 (when the CPD had already been drafted and accepted by the new Government with no major changes), a mid-term evaluation is necessary - to evaluate whether the CPD's outcomes remain relevant and place us in a position to take corrective or adaptive actions, if required. 1. The mid-term evaluation of CPD outcomes shall take place by the end of June 2007. An ex-post evaluation might also be carried out, depending on UNDP's presence and role in Romania after 2009. 2. As regards the evaluation exercise to be carried out according to GEF rules and regulations for the projects under Environment portfolio, this will happen as follows: - Project 'Strengthening Romania's Protected Area System by Demonstrating Government-NGO Partnership in Romania's Maramures Nature Park' (ATLAS #41462): Mid term Evaluation: during August-September 2007 Final Evaluation: during April-May 2009. The project started in June 2005 and will be active till June 2009. - Project 'Strengthening Romania's Protected Area System by Demonstrating Best Practices for Management of Small Protected Areas in Macin Mountains National Park (ATLAS #47111): Mid Term Evaluation: scheduled to start early 2008 (January-February). Final Evaluation: expected to be carried out during September-October 2009. The project started in November 2005 and will be active until November 2009. Should any further project require evaluation, this will be included later on in updated the Evaluation Plan.
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