Evaluation Plan of 2007-2011
Plan Detail (2007-2011)
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The evaluation plan was updated internally at UNDP building on earlier discussins with the Government counterparts on the most strategic outcomes and at the same time taking into account areas that were identified in the ADR for Syria as challenges to be addressed. During 2011- 2012, the Country Office was unable to conduct the outcome evaluations as scheudled in the evaluation plan due to current situation. Therefore, all outcome evaluations were deferred to 2013, with the hope that security status imporve to enable the CO proceed with the exercise.
Plan Document:
Evaluation Plan Syria CO 2007-2013 revised July 2012.doc

Evaluations Commissioned by Syria

SN Title Type Partners (Joint Evaluations) Planned End Date Completion Date Key Stake holders Resource
& Fund Source
Status Reports Mgmt.
1. Final Outcome Evaluation - CPAP Outcome B3 An empowered civil society involved in local community development & implementation of public policies, planning, and programmes in place Outcome Dec 2010 Mar 2011 SPC, MoSAL, Syria Trust, MoLAE, MoEc, MoIn, Chambers of Commerce & Industry $50,000 Completed View
2. E2. Enhance efficiency of measures to reduce and prevent further spread of tuberculosis infection in Syria Outcome Jun 2010 Aug 2010 SPC, MoH, MoInf, Red Cresent, UNICEF, WHO, UNFPA $11,200 Completed View
3. Final Outcome Evaluation -A2 Structures & Climate for enhancing business, trade, investment & competitiveness in place Outcome Jun 2010 Jul 2010 SPC, Syrian Investment Office, MoEc, MoI, MoTo, MoTr, MAAR, FAO, General Customs Directorate, Lattakia Port $60,000 Completed View
4. UNDAF Mid Term Reveiw UNDAF
  • Joint with UN Agencies
Jan 2009 Dec 2009 National Authorities, NGO's, Private Sector $27,000 Completed View
5. PROTECTED AREA MANAGEMENT Project Dec 2009 Aug 2008 Ministry of Environment, SPC $50,000 Completed View

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Planned End Date Status Completed Date Mgmt. Response
1. Assessment of Development Results: Syria ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office Dec 2008 Completed Jun 2005

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