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  • Abdourahmane Dia
  • Eduardo Shigueo Fujikawa

Evaluations Commissioned by Mozambique

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Planned Year Completion Year Status Management Response
1. Final Evaluation of the Mozambique Conservancies and Wildlife Project 2020 Planned No
2. Mid-term Review of the Strengthening the conservation of globally threatened species in Mozambique through improving biodiversity enforcement and expanding community conservancies around protected areas Project Project 2020 Planned No
3. UNDAF 2017-2020 Final Evaluation UNDAF 2019 Planned No
4. Terminal Evaluation of the Adaptation in the Coastal Zones of Mozambique Project Project 2017 2018 Completed Yes
5. Terminal Evaluation of the Sustainable Financing of the Protected Areas System in Mozambique (PIMS 3839) Project 2017 2017 Completed Yes
6. Evaluation of UNDP Mozambique support to UNDAF 2012-2016 Outcome 6: Strengthened democratic governance systems and processes Outcome 2017 2017 Completed Yes
7. Final Evaluation of the Project on Strengthening Access to Justice, Rule of Law and Human Rights Protection in Mozambique Project 2017 2017 Completed Yes
8. Evaluation on UNDP support for the UNDAF outcome (Disaster Risk Reduction, Adaptation to Climate Change, Environment) Outcome 2017 2016 Completed Yes
9. Country Programme Document 2012-2016 Final Evaluation Outcome 2017 2016 Completed Yes
10. Final Evaluation of the Project Disaster Risk Resilient Livelihoods Recovery Project 2016 2016 Completed Yes
11. Evaluation of UNDAF 2012-2016 UNDAF 2015 2015 Completed Yes
13. Final Evaluation Mozambique Poverty and Environment Initiative (PEI), Phase II Project 2015 Overdue No
14. UNDAF Mid-term Review and Strategic Reflection UNDAF 2014 2014 Completed Yes
15. Final Evaluation of National Strategic HIV and AIDS Response Plan Project 2014 2014 Completed Yes
16. Terminal Evaluation of Coping with Drought and Climate Change Project 2014 2014 Completed Yes
17. Millennium Village Programme Final Evaluation Project 2012 2013 Completed Yes
18. ICT Advisor Project Project 2011 2012 Completed Yes
19. UNDP's decentralization and local development programme in Mozambique Project 2011 2012 Completed Yes
20. Climate Change Adaptation Action and Mainstreaming in Mozambique Project 2011 2013 Completed Yes

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Evaluation of UNV's Project "UNV Support to Delivering as One through Integration of Volunteerism for Development" Project UNV 2011 Yes
2. Gender Equitable Local Development - GELD (2008-2013) Final Evaluation Others UNCDF 2013 Yes
3. Assessment of Development Results - Mozambique ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2004 No

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