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Evaluation Focal Point

  • Buyandelger Ulziikhuu
  • Daniela Gasparikova

Evaluations Commissioned by Mongolia

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Completion Year Management Response
1. Final Evaluation of the project Mongolia’s Network of Managed Resource Protected Area Project 2018 Yes
2. Mid-term review of the project on Land Degradation Offset and Mitigation Project 2018 Yes
3. Final Evaluation of the project Eco-system based adaptation Project 2018 Yes
4. Mid-term review of the project on Mongolia’s Network of Managed Resource Protected Areas Project 2016 Yes
5. Final Evaluation of Strengthening local-level capacities for disaster risk reduction, management and coordination in Mongolia Project 2016 Yes
6. Evaluation of Country Programme Action Plan (CPAP) 2012-2016 Country Programme Evaluation 2016 Yes
7. Terminal Evaluation report of the project Strengthening Protected Area Network in Mongolia Project 2015 Yes
8. Mid-term evaluation: Ecosystem based adaptation project Project 2015 Yes
9. Final Evaluation of the project Scaling up support to Local Service Delivery for the MDGs: Rural Water and Sanitation Project 2015 Yes
10. Final evaluation of Strengthening Environmental Governance in Mongolia Phase II project Project 2014 Yes
11. Final Evaluation on Building Energy Efficiency Project Project 2014 Yes
12. Mid-term evaluation: Strengthening Protected Area Network Project 2013 Yes
13. Final evaluation of UN Joint Programme on Water and Sanitation: Promoting Social Equality in the Gobi-Areas of South Mongolia by Fostering Human Security with Integrated and Prevention Approaches Project 2013 Yes
14. Evaluation of the Livelihood Support Projects (Enterprise II and Alternative Livelihood Project) Project 2012 Yes
15. Final evaluation of Sustainable Land Management Project Project 2012 Yes
16. Ex-post evaluation of the project Comprehensive Community Services to Improve Human Security for the Rural Disadvantaged Populations in Mongolia Project 2012 Yes
17. Mid-term evaluation of Energy Efficiency in New Construction in the Residential and Commercial Buildings Sector in Mongolia (in short Building Energy Efficiency Project) Project 2012 Yes
18. Final Evaluation Community-based Conservation of Biological Diversity in theMountain Landscapes of Mongolia's Altai Sayan Eco-region Project 2011 Yes
19. Strengthening the Disaster Mitigation and Management System in Mongolia Phase III Project 2011 Yes
20. Disaster Mitigation and Management System (phase III) Project 2010 Yes

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Assessment of Development Results: Mongolia ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2011 Yes
2. Millenium Development Goals: An Assessment Thematic Independent Evaluation Office 2004 No

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