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  • Farooq AlWakeel

Evaluations Commissioned by Iraq

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Planned Year Completion Year Status Management Response
1. Final project evaluation: Iraqi Public Sector modernization phase II Project 2019 Overdue No
2. Midterm outcome evaluation for CPD Outcome 3: Conditions improved for the safe return of IDPs in Newly Liberated Areas Outcome 2019 Overdue No
3. Midterm project evaluation: Support to Security Sector Ref II Project 2019 2019 Completed Yes
4. UNDP Outcome Evaluation on Government of Iraq and civil society have strengthened participatory mechanisms in place for electoral processes, national dialogue and reconciliation Outcome 2015 2016 Completed Yes
5. UNDP Outcome Evaluation on: Enhanced rule of law, protection and respect for human rights in line with international standards Outcome 2013 2013 Completed Yes
6. Iraq - Support to the Rule of Law and Justice Project Project 2012 2012 Completed Yes
7. UNDP Outcome Evaluation on 'Enabling policy and regulatory environment in place for rapid economic recovery, inclusive growth and economic diversification' Outcome 2012 2012 Completed Yes
8. Independent Joint Evaluation of "Local Area Development Programme" Project 2010 2010 Completed Yes
9. Evaluation of UNDP Governance Projects Funded by the Iraq Trust Fund Project 2010 2010 Completed Yes
10. Project Evaluation of Iraqis Rebuilding Iraq Phase II Project 2010 2010 Completed Yes
11. Outcome Evaluation of UNDP Governance, Crisis Prevention and Recovery, and Poverty Reduction Initiatives in Iraq Outcome 2009 2009 Completed Yes

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Assessment of Development Results (ADR) : Iraq ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2014 Yes
2. Evaluation of Phase 1 Regional Electoral Support Project: Middle East and North Africa 2013-2016 Project Bureau for Policy and Programme Support 2016 Yes

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