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Evaluation Focal Point

  • Maen Oweis
  • Majida Al Assaf
  • Rabia Hasan

Evaluations Commissioned by Jordan

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Planned Year Completion Year Status Management Response
1. CPD midterm Review Country Programme Evaluation 2020 Planned No
2. Reduction & Elimination of POPs MID TERM EVALU Project 2020 Planned No
3. Sustainable urbanization Mid term Eval Project 2020 Planned No
4. Property Tax Management Phase2 Project 2019 Planned No
5. PHASE III SOCIAL COHESION Project 2019 Planned No
6. Drought Governance Project 2019 Overdue No
8. Livelihoods interventions impact Outcome 2019 Overdue No
9. Mainstreaming Rio Convention Provisions into National Sectoral Policies Project 2019 2019 Completed No
10. Decentralization & Local Development Support Mid term Project 2019 2019 Completed Yes
11. Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation in tourism sector (BITS) Project 2018 2018 Completed Yes
12. Evaluation on low-carbon & climate-resilient. Outcome 2018 2018 Completed Yes
13. UN Joint Support To The Jordan National Response To The Syrian Crisis Phase 1 (JPD) Project 2017 2017 Completed Yes
14. Final Evaluation support to the electoral cycle in jordan Project 2017 2017 Completed Yes
15. Mitigating the Impact of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Hosting Communities Mid-Term Evaluation Report Project 2016 2017 Completed Yes
16. mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into tourism development sector Project 2016 2016 Completed Yes
17. Implementation of Phase 1 of a Comprehensive Polychlorinated Biphenyl (PCB) Management System Project 2015 2015 Completed Yes
18. Mid Term Evaluation Support to the Electoral Cycle in Jordan 2012-2017 Project 2015 2015 Completed Yes
19. Mainstreaming Marine Biodiversity Conservation into Coastal Zone Management in the Aqaba Special Economic Zone Project 2015 2015 Completed Yes
20. Support to Poverty Analysis and Monitoring at Ministry of Planning and Department of Statistics: Thinking Differently about Poverty and the Poor Project 2015 2015 Completed Yes

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Mid-term Evaluation of Regional Project Arab Youth for a Better Future Project UNV 2015 Yes
2. Evaluation of Phase 1 Regional Electoral Support Project: Middle East and North Africa 2013-2016 Project Bureau for Policy and Programme Support 2016 Yes
3. Evaluation of the EC Contribution to the Parliamentary Action for Renewable Energy (PARE) Project Project Bureau for Policy and Programme Support 2014 Yes
4. Assessment of Development Results:Jordan ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2016 Yes
5. Assessment of Development Results: Jordan ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2007 Yes

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