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Evaluation Focal Point

  • Irina Goryunova
  • Tuya Altangerel
  • Zhanetta Babasheva

Evaluations Commissioned by Kazakhstan

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Completion Year Management Response
1. Diversification of the Economy Outcome 2018 No
2. Improvement of the decision-making process in Kazakhstan through introduction of mechanisms of economic assessment of fulfilling national obligations under global environmental agreements Project 2018 Yes
3. Supporting sustainable land management in steppe and semi-arid zones through integrated territorial planning and agro-environmental incentives Project 2017 Yes
4. NIP Update, Integration of POPs into National Planning and Promoting Sound Healthcare Waste Management in Kazakhstan Project 2017 Yes
5. City of Almaty Sustainable Transport Project 2017 Yes
6. Expanding the opportunities of the Mangystau region in achieving of sustainable development and socio-economic modernization Project 2017 Yes
7. Improving the welfare and quality of life in the Kyzylorda region through innovative approaches to delivering economic, social and environmental services to the local population, including those most vulnerable Project 2017 Yes
8. Promotion of energy efficient lighting in Kazakhstan Project 2017 Yes
9. Energy-Efficient Design and Construction of Residential Buildings Project 2016 Yes
10. Institutional Support to the Regional Hub of Civil Service in Astana Project 2016 Yes
11. Improving sustainability of the protected areas system in desert ecosystems through promotion of biodiversity-compatible live-support sources in and around protected areas Project 2016 Yes
12. NIP Update, Integration of POPs into National Planning and Promoting Sound Healthcare Waste Management in Kazakhstan Project 2016 Yes
13. Evaluation on Provision of Social Services Outcome 2015 Yes
14. Civic Engagement Outcome Evaluation Outcome 2015 Yes
15. Design and Execution of a Comprehensive PCB Management Project 2015 Yes
17. Final UNDAF evaluation UNDAF 2015 Yes
18. Outcome Evaluation of the Practice Area of Natural Resources Management (NRM) as part of UNDP?s Country Programme for 2010-2015 Project 2014 Yes
19. Steppe Conservation and Management Project 2013 Yes
20. Removing Barriers to Energy Efficiency in Municipal Heat and Hot Water Supply Project 2013 Yes

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. EU/UNDP project: Promoting Integrated Waters Resources Management and Fostering Transboundary dialogue in Central Asia Project RBEC 2013 Yes
2. Mid-Term Evaluation of the Central Asian Climate Risk Management Programme Project RBEC 2014 Yes
3. Final Evaluation of Aid for Trade project Phase I (Output II) Project RBEC 2011 Yes

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