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Evaluation Focal Point

  • Corina Oprea
  • Valeria Jeseanu

Evaluations Commissioned by Moldova

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Completion Year Management Response
1. “Support to Agriculture and Rural Development” Project 2019 Yes
2. “Strengthening Parliamentary Governance in Moldova” Project 2018 Yes
3. ESCO Moldova - Transforming the market for Urban Energy Efficiency in Moldova by introducing Energy Service Companies Project 2018 Yes
4. Biodiversity Conservation Mainstreaming Project 2018 Yes
5. “Joint Action to Strengthen Human Rights in the Transnistrian Region of the Republic of Moldova” Project 2018 Yes
6. Supporting Moldova’s National Climate Change Adaptation Planning Process Project 2017 Yes
7. Mainstreaming biodiversity conservation into Moldova’s territorial planning policies and land use practices Project 2017 Yes
8. Climate change, energy efficiency and disaster risks reduction Outcome 2017 Yes
9. Clima-East: Sustainable management of pastures and community forests in National Park Orhei Project 2017 Yes
10. Improving the Quality of Moldovan Democracy through Parliamentary and Electoral Support Project 2017 Yes
11. ESCO Moldova – Transforming the market for Urban Energy Efficiency in Moldova by introducing Energy Service Companies Project 2017 Yes
12. Enhancing Women's Political Representation through improved capacity and enhanced support in Moldova Project 2016 Yes
13. Terminal Evaluation of the 2nd phase of the Disaster and Climate Risk Management Project Project 2016 Yes
14. Final UNDAF Evaluation UNDAF 2016 Yes
15. Balanced local and regional development Outcome 2015 Yes
16. Joint Integrated Local Development Programme Evaluation Project 2015 Yes
17. Teminal Evaluation of the UNDP-supported-GEF-financed Project Strengthening capacities to undertake environmental fiscal reform to meet national and global environmental priorities Project 2015 Yes
18. Capacity of Central and Local Public Administration Institutions to Implement Reform Agenda Outcome 2015 Yes
19. Evaluation of Moldova Energy and Biomass Project Project 2014 Yes
20. Evaluation of Confidence Building Measures Programme Moldova Project 2014 Yes

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Final Evaluation of Public Finance for Development programme Project RBEC 2014 Yes
2. Assessment of Development Results: Moldova ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2012 Yes
3. Capacity Development for Climate Risk Management in Europe and CIS Project RBEC 2013 Yes

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