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Evaluation Focal Point

  • Esra Ulukan
  • Robert Bernardo

Evaluations Commissioned by Turkey

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Completion Year Management Response
1. Mid-term Evaluation of POPs Legacy Elimination and POPs Release Reduction Project - PIMS4833 Project 2018 Yes
2. Final Evaluation of GAP Organic Agriculture Cluster Project Project 2018 Yes
3. Final Evaluation for Clearence of Landmines in the Eastern Border Regions of Turkey (Demining Project - Phase I) Project 2018 Yes
4. Mid-term Evaluation for SFM (Integrated Approach to Management of Forests in Turkey, with Demonstration in High Conservation Value Forests in the Mediterranean Region) under Climate Change and Environment (CCE) Portfolio Project 2018 Yes
5. Impact Assesment of Ardahan Kars Artvin Rural Development Project Project 2018 Yes
6. Terminal Evaluation of Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings in Turkey-PIMS3646 Project 2017 Yes
7. Terminal Evaluation of PIMS4113: Improving Energy Efficiency in Industry in Turkey Project 2017 Yes
8. Final Evaluation and Impact Assesment of Innovations for Women’s Empowerment in Southeast Anatolia-Phase 2 (IWEP-2) Project 2017 Yes
9. Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency in South East Anatolia Region Project 2017 Yes
10. UNDCS (2011-2015) EVALUATION UNDAF 2016 Yes
11. Final Evaluation for Energy Efficiency in Appliances Project Project 2015 Yes
12. Technical Assistance for Improvement of Civilian Oversight of Internal Security Sector Project 2015 Yes
13. PIMS 3697: Strengthening Protected Area Network of Turkey: Catalyzing Sustainability of Marine and Coastal Protected Areas Project Project 2014 Yes
14. Midterm evaluation for Improving Energy Efficiency in Industry in Turkey Project 2013 Yes
15. Enhancing coverage and management effectiveness of the subsystem of forest protected areas in Turkey?s national system of protected areas Project 2013 Yes
16. Midterm Evaluation for Promoting Energy Efficiency in Buildings Project 2013 Yes
17. Environment and Sustainable Development Evaluation Outcome 2013 Yes
18. Outcome evaluation of UNDP's Democratic Governance Programme 2006 - 2010 Outcome 2013 Yes
19. Mid Term Evaluation of PIMS 4014: Market Transformation of Energy Efficient Appliances Project Project 2012 Yes
20. Final Evaluation of the UN Joint Programme MDGF 1792-Alliances for Culture Tourism in Eastern Anatolia Project 2012 Yes

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Assessment of Development Results: Turkey ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2010 Yes
2. Promoting Inclusive Labour Market Solutions in the Western Balkans Project RBEC 2018 Yes
3. Assessment of Development Results - Turkey ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2004 No

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