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Evaluation Focal Point

  • Natia Natsvlishvili
  • Ogulshirin Yazlyyeva
  • Rovshen Nurmuhamedov

Evaluations Commissioned by Turkmenistan

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Planned Year Completion Year Status Management Response
1. Partnership Framework for Development evaluation Outcome 2019 2019 Completed Yes
2. Mid-term evaluation of project “Supporting climate resilient livelihoods in agricultural communities in drought-prone areas of Turkmenistan” Project 2019 2019 Completed Yes
3. Mid-term evaluation of the project “Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy for Sustainable Water Management in Turkmenistan” Project 2018 2018 Completed Yes
4. Final evaluation of the project "Addressing climate change risks to farming systems in Turkmenistan at national and community level" Project 2017 2017 Completed Yes
5. Final evaluation of project“ Improving Energy Efficiency in the Residential Building Sector of Turkmenistan“ Project 2017 2017 Completed Yes
6. Final evaluation of the project "Social Inclusion through Leadership Skills for Disabled Women in Turkmenistan Project 2015 2015 Completed Yes
7. Addressing Climate Change Risks to Farming System Project Mid-term Evaluation Project 2014 2014 Completed Yes
8. Mid-term Evaluation of Energy Efficiency in Residential Buildings Project Project 2014 2014 Completed Yes
9. Outcome Evaluation of Democratic Governance Portfolio Within UNDP/Turkmenistan Country Programme 2010 - 2015 Outcome 2014 2014 Completed Yes
10. Final Evaluation of the United Nations Development Assistance Framework 2010-2015 in Turkmenistan, UNDAF 2014 2014 Completed Yes
11. Terminal Evaluation of the Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Areas System of Turkmenistan Project Project 2014 2014 Completed Yes
12. Environmentally sustainable use of natural resources contributes to effectiveness of economic processes and increased quality of life Outcome 2014 2014 Completed Yes
13. Strengthening the Management Effectiveness of the Protected Area System of Turkmenistan - Mid-Term Evaluation Project 2012 2012 Completed Yes
14. Strengthening the national capacity of Turkmenistan to promote and protect human rights project evaluation Project 2012 2012 Completed Yes
15. Final Evaluation: Conservation and sustainable use of globally significant biological diversity in Khazar Nature Reserve on the Caspian Sea Coast Project 2011 2011 Completed Yes
16. Sustainable Land Management project evaluation Project 2010 2010 Completed Yes
17. Infotuk Outcome Evaluation Outcome 2007 2007 Completed Yes
18. Statistical Outcome evaluation Outcome 2006 2006 Completed Yes
19. Khazar Project Mid-Term Evaluation Project 2008 2005 Completed Yes
20. Evaluation of the Outcome of the UNDP- Turkmenistan Environment Program Outcome 2005 2005 Completed No

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Mid-Term Evaluation of the Central Asian Climate Risk Management Programme Project RBEC 2014 Yes
2. Independent Country Programme Evaluation: Turkmenistan ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2019 Yes

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