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  • Jasna Ivanovska
  • Narine Sahakyan
  • Sami Bushi
  • Sanja Bojanic

Evaluations Commissioned by North Macedonia

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Planned Year Completion Year Status Management Response
1. Terminal Evaluation for the GEF project “Strengthening institutional and technical Macedonian capacities to enhance transparency in the framework of Paris Agreement” Project 2022 2022 Completed Yes
2. Final Project Evaluation “Working bottom up-building a local model for deinstitutionalization” Project 2021 2021 Completed Yes
3. Final PSD Evaluation UNDAF 2020 2019 Completed Yes
4. Mid-Term UNDAF evaluation for the period 2010-2015 UNDAF 2013 2013 Completed Yes
5. Strengthening National Capacities to Prevent Domestic Violence Project 2012 2012 Completed Yes
6. Mid-term evaluation of Self-employment II-V and Technical Assistance to Support the Government Operational Plan for Active Labour Market Measures (ALMMs) programme Outcome 2013 2012 Completed Yes
7. Strengthening the Ecological, Institutional and Financial Sustainability of Macedonia's Protected Area System Project 2011 2011 Completed Yes
8. Evaluation of Prespa Programme Outcome 2009 2009 Completed Yes
9. Aid Coordination-Phase II Project 2008 2009 Completed Yes
10. Implementation of self-employment as part of the Government Operational Plan for Employment for 2007- Self Employment 2007 Project 2008 2008 Completed Yes
11. Support to e-governance initiatives based on FOSS Project 2007 2007 Completed Yes
12. Evaluation of Employment Programme Outcome 2007 2007 Completed Yes
13. Sustainable Human and Economic Development Project 2007 2007 Completed Yes
14. Decentralized local services Outcome 2008 2006 Completed Yes
15. Small Arms Control in Macedonia Project 2005 2005 Completed No
16. Economic Development, Environmental Protection and Information Technology Programmes Outcome 2003 2003 Completed No
17. Municipal Employment Assistance Programme Clean And Green Macedonia Project 2001 2001 Completed No
18. Final Outcome Evaluation (UNSDCF) Outcome 2025 Planned No
19. Final external evaluation for the project “Integrated climate-resilient transboundary flood risk management in the Drin River basin in the Western Balkans (Drini FRM project)” Project 2024 Planned No
20. UNSDCF 2021-2025 Joint evaluation UNDAF 2024 Planned No

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Promoting Inclusive Labour Market Solutions in the Western Balkans Project RBEC 2018 Yes
2. Independent Country Programme Evaluation: North Macedonia ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2019 Yes
3. Capacity Development for Climate Risk Management in Europe and CIS Project RBEC 2013 Yes

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