Evaluation of Governance/ Citizen Security Portfolio

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Evaluation Plan:
2017-2021, Belize
Evaluation Type:
Planned End Date:
Management Response:
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Title Evaluation of Governance/ Citizen Security Portfolio
Atlas Project Number:
Evaluation Plan: 2017-2021, Belize
Evaluation Type: Outcome
Status: Planned
Planned End Date: 08/2019
Management Response: No
Focus Area:
  • 1. Democratic Governance
  • 2. Others
Corporate Outcome and Output (UNDP Strategic Plan 2014-2017)
  • 1. Output 2.2. Institutions and systems enabled to address awareness, prevention and enforcement of anti-corruption measures across sectors and stakeholders
  • 2. Output 2.3 Capacities of human rights institutions strengthened
  • 3. Output 2.4. Frameworks and dialogue processes engaged for effective and transparent engagement of civil society in national development
  • 4. Output 3.5 Communities empowered and security sector institutions enabled for increased citizen safety and reduced levels of armed violence
  • 5. Output 4.4. Measures in place to increase women's participation in decision-making
Evaluation Budget(US $): 15,000
Source of Funding: Project
Joint Programme: No
Mandatory Evaluation: No
Joint Evaluation: No
GEF Evaluation: No
Key Stakeholders: Ministry of Human Development, Restore Belize Department of Youth services ,Ministry of National Security, KOBE Foundation, UNICEF
Countries: BELIZE
Management response not available

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