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Evaluation Focal Point

  • Bame Mannathoko
  • Kelebogile Dikole

Evaluations Commissioned by Botswana

SN Evaluation Evaluation Type Planned Year Completion Year Status Management Response
1. MTE: Implementation of Botswana Poverty Eradication Policy and Strategy (BPEPS) Project 2020 Planned No
2. MTE: Promoting Production and Utilization of Biogas (Bio Methane) from Agro Waste in South East Botswana Project 2019 Planned No
3. Outcome Evaluation of UNDP's contribution to Data for Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Decision Making Outcome 2019 Planned No
4. MTE: Country Programme 2017 - 2021 Country Programme Evaluation 2019 Overdue No
5. Evaluation of Implementation of National Policy on Gender and Development Others 2019 Overdue No
6. TE: Mainstreaming SLM in Rangeland Areas of Ngamiland District Project 2019 Overdue No
8. MTE: Implementation of the Local Economic Development (LED) Project Project 2018 2019 Completed No
9. TE: Improved Management Effectiveness of the Chobe-Kwando-Linyanti Matrix of Protected Areas Project Project 2018 2018 Completed No
10. TE: Using SLM to Improve the Integrity of the Makgadikgadi Ecosystem and to Secure the Livelihoods of Rangeland Dependent Communities Project 2018 2018 Completed No
11. Evaluation of The Joint Gender Programme Project 2016 2016 Completed Yes
12. Evaluation of Mainstreaming Sustainable Land Management in Ngamiland Productive Landscape Project 2016 2016 Completed Yes
13. UNDAF Terminal Evaluation UNDAF 2015 2015 Completed Yes
14. Terminal Evaluation of the UNDP Botswana Country Programme 2010-2014 Project 2014 2014 Completed Yes
15. Evaluation of UNDP Botswana Country Programme: (2010-2014) Others 2014 2014 Completed Yes
16. Strategic Partnerships to Improve the Financial and Operational Sustainability of Protected Areas Project 2013 2013 Completed Yes
17. Accruing Multiple Global Benefits through Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) / Water Use Efficiency Planning: A demonstration Project for Sub-Saharan Africa (PIMS 3362) Project 2013 2013 Completed Yes
18. Terminal Evaluation of PIMS 2841 CC MSP: Integrating Non-Motorized Transport into the City of Gaborone Project 2012 2012 Completed Yes
19. Terminal Evaluation of the Environment Support Programme Project 2011 2011 Completed Yes
20. Terminal Evaluation of PIMS 2028 BD FSP: Building Local Capacity for Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity in the Okavango Delta (BioKavango) Project 2011 2011 Completed Yes

Related Evaluations

SN Title Evaluation Type Commissioning Unit Completion Year Management Response
1. Assessment of Development Results: Botswana ICPE/ADR Independent Evaluation Office 2009 Yes
2. Evaluation of UNDP's Role and Contribution in the HIV/AIDS Response in Southern Africa and Ethiopia Thematic Independent Evaluation Office 2006 Yes

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